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Unified Development Code Online
1 General Provisions
2 Reserved
3 Administrative Mechanisms
4 Permits and Final Plat Approval
5 Waivers, Variations and Exceptions
6 Enforcement and Review
7 Nonconforming Situations
8 Zoning Districts
9 Accessory Uses
10 Supplementary Uses
11 Dimensional Regulations
12 Recreation Facilities and Open Space
13 Streets and Sidewalks
14 Utilities
15 Floodways, Floodplains, Drainage and Erosion
15 Floodways, Floodplains, Drainage and Erosion (Revised - not in effect until April 15, 2018)
16 Signs
17 Parking
18 Landscape, Clearing and Trees
19 Amendments
20 Definitions
A Parking, Streets and Roadways
B Reserved
C Sign Graphics, Maps and Illustrations
D Trees (reserved)
E Sample Submittal Forms
F Height and Yard Requirements by Zoning Districts
G Urban Design Overlay District
H Permissible Uses
I UDC Amendments
J Street Cross Sections
K Stormwater BMPs for EBRP-Master Development Program
L Copies Required for Land Development Applications