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Housing Rehabilitation Grant Program

The Housing Rehabilitation Grant Program is designed to assist in efforts by the City Parish Government to bring housing in East Baton Rouge Parish up to minimum property standards. A homeowner whose house is in need of repairs may be eligible to receive a grant. The grant is free and never has to be repaid. The present maximum grant amount is $25,000.00. The grant program is administered by the City Parish Office of Community Development or OCD.

Who Is Eligible?

In order to receive a grant, the following qualifications must be met:

  • You must own and live in your house.
  • You must meet certain income requirements.
  • Your house must receive a bid by a contractor who participates under Community Development Program.
  • You must have Hazard Insurance (fire and extended coverage) on your house. If your home is located in a flood hazard area, flood insurance is required.

How Do I Apply For Grant Assistance?

Call OCD, ask to speak with someone in Grant Assistance.

  1. Your call will be screened to determine your initial eligibility.
  1. Your name will be place on a waiting list to be selected at some later date. 

What Happens When My Name Is Selected?

A member of the Community Development staff will make an appointment to have you come by our office or they will come to your house to take your application. All information is considered confidential.

  1. The information on your application will be verified.
  1. If determined eligible, your name will be placed on a waiting list. Selections will be made from the list as funding becomes available.
  1. An appointment will be made for City Parish Inspectors to make a detailed inspection of your house.
  1. After the detailed inspection, a work write-up will be made that outlines code violations.
  1. The work write-up is reviewed by the Rehabilitation Specialist who makes a cost estimate on the work that needs to be done. (In some instances, the $25,000.00 grant cannot correct all the code violations and grants cannot be awarded).
  1. The work write-up is then discussed with the homeowner, who will be asked to sign an acceptance of work that has been agreed upon. A Grant Agreement is signed indicating the owner's agreement with conditions of the grant.
  1. Work to be done on the house must be submitted for public bid by contractors approved for this program. The contractor submitting the lowest bid for the work is awarded the job. Homeowners are notified in writing when their house has received an acceptable bid.
  1. When construction is ready to begin, the homeowner will receive a copy of the proceed order and work write-up that has been sent to the contractor.
  1. To ensure proper construction, Community Development Inspectors will make regular inspections of the repair work as well as a final inspection. All work must meet City Parish code standards.

What are the Income Limits? This document is in PDF format.  Download the free viewer from

Income limits for the Rehabilitation Grant Program depends upon family size. Your annual income must be less than the amount shown in the table at the above link for your family size.

Where Do I Apply?

You may contact the Office of Community Development and ask to speak to the Housing Program Officer.

Phone:  (225) 389-3039
TDD: (225) 389- 3982