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American's with Disabilities Act Task Force

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Meet the Mayor's American's with Disabilities


*Mayor’s ADA Task Force Office Representative
Gail Grover
, Assistant Chief Administrative Officer, Mayors Office, City-Parish or (225) 389-5350

*Interim Secretary to the Mayor’s ADA Task Force
Brian K. Bernard
, MPA, PHR, Interim Human Resources Director, City-Parish or (225) 389-3129

*Mayor’s ADA Task Force Legal Counsel
Dawn N. Guillot, Esq.
, Director of Administration,
Parish Attorney's Office, City-Parish or (225) 389-3114

*Mayor’s ADA Task Force Coordinator / Recorder
Micheline D. Millender
, Human Resources Division Manager, City-Parish or (225) 389-8727

*Mayor’s ADA Task Force Chairman
Irby Hornsby, Executive Program Administrator-DHDS, City-Parish or (225) 358-4561

Eric Romero, Interim Information Services Director, City-Parish or (225) 389-3070

Karen Denman, CATS, ADA Coordinator or (225) 389-8920

Lynda Diane Denton, Internal Revenue Service or (225) 923-4210

Felix Ezejiofo, Architect Intern, DPW, City-Parish or (225) 389-3168

Marie Green, Chief Budget Analyst, Finance, City-Parish or (225) 389-3067

Ralph Hennessy, Assistant Director of Aviation, City-Parish or (225) 355-0333

Lynn Maloy, Chief Deputy Judicial Administrator, City Court, City-Parish or (225) 389-5540

Rhonda Pinsonat, Library Business Manager-Library, City-Parish or (225) 231-3705

Jamie Presley, Public Information Office, City-Parish or (225) 389-3121

Mary Prochaska, Executive Assistant EMS, City-Parish or (225) 389-5155

Scott Raiford, Senior Juvenile Probation Counselor, Juvenile Services, City-Parish or (225) 354-1234

Eric Roberts, Safety Officer, Parish Attorney Office, City-Parish or (225) 389-3267

Ellis Roussel, Interim Executive Director, Governor’s Office of Disability Affairs or (225) 219-7550

(*) constitutes non voting privileges


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